Production + Distribution + Promotion

Founded by Pete Crane and Ben Bulig aka SHIV-R, Blind Mice Productions is a very different take on the traditional label format. As a combined production house/digital label, we are able to lend an established production edge to releases that need it and utilise a digital distribution and promotion infrastructure to get releases into the listeners’ ears while the sounds are fresh and on point. 

Our aim is to be a production entity well and truly in the 21st century by not underestimating the newly matured digital arena to the advantage of our artists in every possible way. By not shying away from singles & EPs and fully exploiting the advantages of digital promotion and distribution we can be more agile than the glacially moving traditional record labels.

Above all we are a whole greater than the sum of its parts and work together with our artists to grow their careers internationally and realise their ideas creatively. We know what we like and we like it innovative, engaging and evil as hell. We value unique ideas over safe sounds, open-mindedness over pretension and a passion for music that appeals to the dark side in us all. 

Demo Submission

If you dig our particular approach to the industry and want to be on-board with your own music, we’d be happy to hear you out!  

Production Requests

Production work, including producing, mixing, mastering and creating remixes will be taken on very sparingly as we are always working on new Shiv-r music, but we will consider any requests that we receive. We mix & master using analogue summing equipment which can add a degree of warmth, clarity and separation to your mixes over those who work purely “in-the-box”, and with over 10 years of internationally released music in our discographies we have a wealth of mixing tricks up our sleeves.  We do prefer to release what we produce as this is a mutual motivator to make the best sounding result possible, but producing releases for other labels is not out of the question.