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Regen Mag reviews SHIV-R - "Requiem for the Hyperreal"

Thanks to Regen Mag for this great shout-out for the latest SHIV-R album. 

On this fourth full-length, Australian act Shiv-R shows continued growth, experimentation, and originality.
— Regen Mag

Check it out in full here.

Requiem for the Hyperreal is available now here.


Namechange: welcome SNVFF!


Australian electro-industrial trip-hop sirens [SNUFF] have changed their name officially to SNVFF. This represents a more google-unique (and search history-friendly) name for the duo. Check out more details in their video on Facebook.
The new name accompanies new cover-art for their self-titled debut EP, and you will start to see the changes on iTunes, Spotify and all other digital outlets soon. 

Check out the EP now on Bandcamp

Out now: Benjamin'sPlague - "Perfectly Hideous"


The latest, and in fact final release from this incredible project is out now. While Dutch electronic melodic mastermind Benjamin Schoones will still remain very much active as a musician and producer, his project Benjamin'sPlague will no longer be. 

"Perfectly Hideous" is an 8-song single featuring a gorgeous collaboration with Alicia May from SNUFF, as well as a handful of killer remixes. 

Mastered and released by Blind Mice Productions, the single is available now from all digital outlets including Bandcamp, iTunes and Beatport

Check out the official video for the single here:

Blind Mice Productions and DarkTunes Music Group

Hi all, Pete Crane here. There has been a development with our label as well as our band SHIV-R and you will see us collaborating closely with DarkTunes Music Group on some of our future releases. 

For a couple of years now we have been looking to solve a problem: how do we improve our marketing and extend our reach in new regions? While recognising the limitations on our own time as we put a lot of creative energy into composing for SHIV-R and making the most of our strength in production, we’ve been looking for the right relationship to help get the word about our music out there.

DarkTunes Music Group is a label based in Germany run by Raphael Beck, known for his projects Extize (industrial/EBM) and Basszilla (EDM/electro-house). They are another young label like us and we both agree that while Blind Mice Productions has a great group of artists with a unique yet cohesive sound, DarkTunes does an excellent job of marketing, driven by Raph’s experience in the industry and expertise in new media.

So what will this look like? For a start, the new SHIV-R album “Requiem for the Hyperreal” and single “Cheshire Grin” will be carried by DarkTunes Music Group for Europe, and by Blind Mice Productions for the rest of the world. We’ve decided to leave Infacted Recordings on very good terms in order to try this more independent, hands-on approach, and show that we can “put our money where our mouth is” by leading the charge with our own music to grow our own label.

We believe in this new approach, and it feels good to be pushing Blind Mice Productions and SHIV-R in new ways. Looking forward to the future and bringing you more awesome releases!

Benjamin'sPlague: Tyrants Will Fall premiere at Brutal Resonance

For the next 2 days you can exclusively stream the upcoming Benjamin'sPlague single at Brutal Resonance zine. Check it out here!

The Netherlands underground electronic scene is blessed to have Benjamin’sPlague amongst their ranks. Solo member Benjamin Schoones is a powerhouse to be reckoned with whose skill only improves with each release.
— Brutal Resoance

Moris Blak: Exclusive Premiere at Brutal Resonance

To be released on June 1st 2017, Moris Blak's debut EP "Dead Summer" is currently available for pre-order on bandcamp, and you can stream it in the meantime exclusively at Brutal Resonance

Isolated, stranded, and all alone in the northeastern sect of the United States, Moris Blak has become a producer whose eerie silence and outcast status has heavily influenced his cold, and purgatory encapturing music. Blending the likes of early industrial, the modern wave of EDM, and bits and scraps of atmospheric metal Moris Blak is soon to become a force to be reckoned with in the dark electronic killing fields.
— Brutal Resonance

New Review for Amelia Arsenic "Carbon Black"

Ondes Chocs have made another great review (in English and French) of one of our releases! This time for Amelia Arsenic's "Carbon Black" EP.

Available now from bandcampbeatport, iTunes and bandcamp.

This is the kind of artist I would dance to her music like a raging fury on the dance floor during one of her performances. I invite you to discover her whole universe. 9.5/10
— Ondes Chocs