Moris Blak: Exclusive Premiere at Brutal Resonance

To be released on June 1st 2017, Moris Blak's debut EP "Dead Summer" is currently available for pre-order on bandcamp, and you can stream it in the meantime exclusively at Brutal Resonance

Isolated, stranded, and all alone in the northeastern sect of the United States, Moris Blak has become a producer whose eerie silence and outcast status has heavily influenced his cold, and purgatory encapturing music. Blending the likes of early industrial, the modern wave of EDM, and bits and scraps of atmospheric metal Moris Blak is soon to become a force to be reckoned with in the dark electronic killing fields.
— Brutal Resonance

New Review for Amelia Arsenic "Carbon Black"

Ondes Chocs have made another great review (in English and French) of one of our releases! This time for Amelia Arsenic's "Carbon Black" EP.

Available now from bandcampbeatport, iTunes and bandcamp.

This is the kind of artist I would dance to her music like a raging fury on the dance floor during one of her performances. I invite you to discover her whole universe. 9.5/10
— Ondes Chocs

New review for Asylum Sis†ers

Ondes Chocs have made another great review (in French and English) of a Blind Mice Productions release. This time it is for the album "A Faith Called You" from Asylum Sis†ers!

Check out the review here.

The release is Available now from from Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes.

The music is pulsating while being accompanied by a crescendo of aggressiveness in the voice. I am a big fan of the singer / Dj Miss Kittin and this [...] reminded me of her irreverent side.
— Ondes Chocs

New review for Nigen "Monachopsis"

Check out this new review (in French and English) of the "Monachopsis" EP by Nigen, by the web zine Ondes Chocs. Out now on Out now: Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes

Nigen managed to blend well the more introspective moments while keeping a lively rhythm. This is excellent music in order to add a few colors in a Goth Industrial party.

Nigen - "Monachopsis" out now

With cutting edge influences and immaculate production, Nigen is the latest act from the Netherlands to combine EDM with industrial in a forward-thinking, atmospheric package. Gaining notoriety on Soundcloud for being a prolific remix artist with interpretations of artists that vary from Kaskade to Wumpscut, Nigen also provided a standout official remix for SHIV-R on the “Eye of the Needle” remix release. 
Now Nigen mastermind Niels Doe presents his debut original release, the 4-track EP “Monachopsis”. Trap breakdowns collapse into vocoded vocal dystopias, distortion and melody exchange dynamically and fluid tempos drive a bed of deep bass under a synthetic sky of trance lead patterns. 
Mastered and released by Blind Mice Productions, “Monachopsis” will hit all digital stores on 26 September 2016.

Out now on Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes

3 new reviews by Intravenous Magazine!

Check out these great reviews by the UK's Intravenous Magazine!

All releases are available now on our Bandcamp.

Benjamin'sPlague - Elated

“‘Elated’ is a great single that should see all five tracks find favour with club-going audiences.”

Asylum Sis†ers - A Faith Called You

“‘A Faith Called You’ is a really solid album that will hopefully make a lot of people take notice.Definitely a band to watch”

SHIV-R - Eye of the Needle

The remixers create a rich palette of sounds and draw on styles both old and new to hold your attention with ease from one track to another. It may be a remix EP, but it is definitely home to a few gems and worth checking out in its own right.

Out now: Benjamin'sPlague - Elated

Dutch melancholic electro artist Benjamin’sPlague continues to make his beautifully twisted mark on the musical map with a massive new single: “Elated”. The title-track is a collaboration with elegant industrial group SHIV-R and sees the vocalists of both acts trading verses over a bed of harsh percussion and lush piano, leading the listener through an opiate-induced synthetic labyrinth. The single also includes the new song “Devour” that showcases composer Benjamin Schoones’ masterful use of melody over a club-friendly soundset, and rounds out the total of 5 tracks with remixes from Massive Ego, Simon Carter and Benjamin Schoones’ side-project Noire Antidote. 
Mixed and mastered by Blind Mice Productions, “Elated” is out now through all digital outlets.

1. Elated
2. Devour
3. Elated (Massive Ego remix)
4. Devour (Simon Carter remix)
5. Elated (Noire Antidote remix)

Out now at Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes

Out now: Asylum Sisters - A Faith Called You

Fuelled by distorted female vocals, contemporary electro beats and an atmosphere drenched in darkness, Asylum Sisters hit genres such as witch house, industrial and even metal on their way to achieving their personal sonic revolution.

The creative force behind the project - Caitlin Mary Cunningham and Martin Pike from Melbourne, Australia - don’t shy away from drawing from a wide range of sounds in order to deliver the emotional impact of their message and you will hear rapped vocals with politically charged lyrics, discordant guitars carrying an aggressive attitude and bitcrushed techno sequences mixed seamlessly along the way.

“A Faith Called You” is the sophomore EP from the group, featuring 7 new tracks and carrying the weight of a full album’s worth of dangerous ideas and musical innovation. Coming 1 July 2016 on Blind Mice Productions.

01. Chaos
02. Push
03. Your Mind
04. Δ (Fire)
05. Sequel
06. The Prophecy
07. Safest Space II

Releasedate: 1 July 2016

Available now from from Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes.

New Review - RIOTLEGION "Trigger Warning" EP

Damned Industrial have published a great new review of the new RIOTLEGION EP "Trigger Warning"!

“[RIOTLEGION’s new EP Trigger Warning is] a full throttle, in your face, electro-industrial assault. DJs pay attention, you’ll thoroughly enjoy sinking your teeth into this, it’s full of quality club fodder to keep the glowstick crowd happy.”

Check out the full review here

"Trigger Warning" by RIOTLEGION is available from all digital outlets and bandcamp