Brutal Resonance reviews ▼I▲L, Benjamin'sPlague and SHIV-R

The awesome zine Brutal Resonance has done some more great reviews for Blind Mice Productions releases.

Check out the reviews for Benjamin'sPlague, VIAL and SHIV-R

Benjamin’sPlague - You Will Pay review
If anything, he’s proven that he can crack out tracks that are on par with some of the other dark electro big shots, with great production values and nifty sounds.
VIAL - self-titled EP review

The witchy goodness presented within the first three was good, and each of those tracks managed to set me in a frightening mood. However, the last two really set forth soundtrack moments, and were tasty to my ears. I loved this EP, and I want more.
SHIV-R - Wax Wings Will Burn review

And to find further words to describe my love for this album would be a task that would extend my vocabulary, as I would likely have to pull out a thesaurus just to unabashedly praise this work higher than I already have. Thirteen tracks of haunting bliss and electronic mayhem awaits anyone who dares to knock at its threshold, which I would imagine would be a lot of people considering how good this fucking album is. Go check it out.