The Crystalline Effect - Anechoic Lock

We're excited about this one! One of the great things about starting this label is being able to find a home for the holes in our own discographies that have fallen through the gaps left by other labels.

Between 2 record labels, cancellations due to leaks and ultimately being deleted in its previous incarnation, this release has been in limbo for the last 3 years.

With all contracts expired and external labels out of the picture, we can now give you a release we've wanted to bring you for a long time the way we want to release it. Most of the music was composed between 2010-2011 but with new remixes, a new title and new tracklisting this release still kicks ass and the result is the ultimate release by The Crystalline Effect bringing our icy electro sounds mixed with Elenor Rayner's gorgeous voice.

Available on bandcamp to stream and pre-order, to be released on September 13 2014, on which date it will also be available on iTunes, etc. 

Check it out on Bandcamp now.