Blind Mice Productions welcomes ▼I▲L

We're happy to welcome ▼I▲L to our roster, opening up our sound to the Witch House and Trap genres from the perspective of Seattle-based industrial musician Michael Coultas known for his main project RIOTLEGION.

We first came across RIOTLEGION in Seattle when they opened up for us (Shiv-r) there at at the Highline Bar. They were one of the best bands who have ever opened for us (if not the best) and hearing them was one of the prompts that made us want to start a label in the first place, so we could release awesome music like theirs. So keep an eye out for more about Blind Mice Productions and RIOTLEGION in the future. but for the meantime Michael has given us the debut EP from his side-project ▼I▲L which we're happy to present to you now!

With an official releasedate of October 15 2014 (to coincide with a ▼I▲L launch-gig in Seattle), you can pre-order the EP now at bandcamp.

Check out the official trailer below.