[SNUFF] listening party in Seattle

Blind Mice Productions reaches Seattle! Obsidian Light Booking is hosting a [SNUFF] listening party as part of their show presenting Frontal Boundary live. September 7th 2014 @ Highline Bar (the venue we i.e. Shiv-r played in Seattle earlier this year!) \m/

I must say it feels pretty awesome to have our mouse-logo on dat physical poster underneath the [SNUFF] EP cover - so legit! 

Here's what Obsidian Light Booking had to say on their Facebook:

Thanks to Blind Mice Productions we will be holding a listening party for one of their 1st releases with Sydney, Australia’s [SNUFF] and their self-titled debut EP. There will be digital download codes for those in attendance, so don’t miss out!

Can’t stop listening to the EP. It pretty much encompasses different elements of genres that people love in a way that is easily digestible. So much that you’re going to want more immediately after digesting. I think they found the musical equation of monosodium glutamate. 4 Songs is a tease, and makes the want for remixes heavy - and there’s no doubt that Blind Mice is just waiting to unleash those after the short amount of time it will take them to analyze the unanimous reaction.