Out now: Benjamin'sPlague - "Choke on Euphoria" EP!

Benjamin'sPlague returns with a massive 7-track EP, featuring 4 new tracks plus 3 killer remixes by Nórdika, [SNUFF] and MadManCircus. Following on from his 2014 debut single "You Will Pay", Dutch musician Benjamin Schoones' creative output is darker and heavier than ever, twisting neoclassical piano melodies into his harsh beats and distorted basslines, all led by his aggressive vocals and disturbed lyrics. This EP is as sweet and menacing as its title implies; blast it through your headphones or on the dancefloor and Choke on Euphoria!

01. The Fast Defeating Process
02. Black Eyes
03. Imperfections
04. Choke on Euphoria
05. Imperfections (Mjolnir Remix by Nórdika)
06. The Fast Defeating Process ([SNUFF] remix)
07. Choke on Euphoria (MadManCircus remix)

Out now on Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes!