Out now: SHIV-R - "Eye of the Needle" remix album

To follow up our latest album (late-2014’s “Wax Wings Will Burn”), we decided to create a remix album that featured track-for-track remixes by different artists. The result was our last release “On Blackened Wings”, released on a limited edition CD package by Infacted Recordings, which reached #1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts) in August 2015. For this release, instead of choosing all the remix artists ourselves, we held a remix competition for the track “Eye of the Needle” and issued the remix kit to the public, offering the talented winner a slot on the official CD release. The results of the comp were amazing and we ended up with a huge amount of great remixes that just had to see the light of day. So here we are: we have chosen our favourite 13 remixes from the competition, as well as a few additional remixes we had up our sleeve, and now present this official digital-only self-release!
Given the sheer variety on this release, it makes for an engaging listen-through from start to end even with 13 versions of the same track. From Basszilla’s super contemporary electro-house banger, to Nigen’s trap-fusion, to Restriction 9’s slick frozen EBM to Valkrye X’s thumping psytrance pulse, this release showcases some great lesser-known names on the bleeding edge.

01. Eye of the Needle ([SNUFF] remix)
02. Eye of the Needle (Thanosmylonas remix)
03. Eye of the Needle (Nigen remix)
04. Eye of the Needle (Basszilla remix)
05. Eye of the Needle (Restriction 9 remix)
06. Eye of the Needle (Cursed Earth Corporation remix)
07. Eye of the Needle (Reactor7x remix)
08. Eye of the Needle (Cold Therapy remix)
09. Eye of the Needle (Cellhavoc remix)
10. Eye of the Needle (Binaural Silence remix)
11. Eye of the Needle (Void Prototype remix)
12. Eye of the Needle (Valkyrie X remix)
13. Eye of the Needle (Psygore remix)
14. Pharmaceutical Grade (Mekotam remix)
15. Pharmaceutical Grade ([SNUFF] remix)
16. Lingerie (Benjamin’sPlague remix)

Releasedate: October 31 2015

Audio trailer: here.

Available now from Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes.