Mekotam - Break it Down

We have a massive new release for you with this one! “Break it Down” is the debut EP from Mekotam aka Florida-based artist Juan Espinosa, also known for his work under the Cellmod moniker. Whereas Juan’s Cellmod project has forged a sound of lush, hi-tech industrial-trance, Mekotam delivers a gritty, glitchy and hard-hitting breakdown of genres with production so sharp and aggressive it has to be heard to be believed. 
While “Break it Down” may be Mekotam’s first official release, his bootleg remixes have gone beyond viral with his dubstep remix of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” alone receiving over 300,000 hits between YouTube and Soundcloud. While no stranger to an emotive melody in his other work, the high-energy side of Juan’s songwriting smashes through with Mekotam in this killer 5-track EP that would be the perfect soundtrack to get you pumped to pull off a high-stakes bank heist and take no hostages. And if the music alone wasn't enough to get your blood pumping, guest vocals by Amelia Arsenic, Pete Crane and Chace Green escalate this EP to a fever pitch that will have you gripped from start to end.

Releasedate: March 13 2015

Pre-order now from Bandcamp.

Mixed, Written and Produced by Mekotam
Mastered by Lee Bulig / Blind Mice Productions

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