Riotlegion - "God(b)less" out now!

From Seattle, United States comes the massively heavy and infectiously danceable sounds of Riotlegion. After reaching the global industrial audience with his debut EP “Legion of Chaos”, and followed by a hauntingl Witch House EP under the moniker of his side-project ▼I▲L (released on Blind Mice Productions), producer Michael Coultas is back with a new 4-track EP “God(b)less”.

A politically charged social mirror, Coultas brings the riot sounds to the dancefloor with harsh electronics and inimitable sound design. Lead by his strong vocals, Riotlegion hits hard and fast like a predator drone, in a package that also kicks ass live with the act being a fixture of the live Seattle scene, including sharing a stage with Blind Mice Production heads Shiv-r in 2014.

Out now on Blind Mice Productions: check out “God(b)less” and join the riot!

01. God(b)less
02. My Right Trumps Your Dead
03. Feel It
04. Movement

Available now via Bandcamp, Beatport, Itunes and other digital stores.