Riotlegion - "Trigger Warning" EP Out Now

“All I hear from you is bitches and moans
All you get from me is rhythms and tones”
Flying in the face of the easily offended, Riotlegion returns with an EP that offers no safe spaces, no handwringing sentimentality and no fucking trigger warning! Bringing the emphasis back to what’s important - music - without wasted energy on social justice posturing, the EP is Seattle producer Michael Coultas’ most harsh and expressive work yet. From the electro groove of “All I Can Do” to the 220bpm aggression of “Adaptation to Circumstance”, the 5 new songs evolve across genres while retaining an industrial EBM bite.
Mixed and mastered by Blind Mice Productions and featuring a remix by Benjamin'sPlague, “Trigger Warning” drops on all digital outlets globally on June 2nd, 2016.

1. Trigger Warning
2. Rhythm and Tone
3. The Revolution (Will Not Be Synthesized)
4. All I Can Do
5. Adaptation to Circumstance
6. The Revolution Will Not Be Synthesized (Benjamin'sPlague remix)

Releasedate: June 2 2016

Available now: bandcampbeatport and iTunes