Out now: Asylum Sisters - A Faith Called You

Fuelled by distorted female vocals, contemporary electro beats and an atmosphere drenched in darkness, Asylum Sisters hit genres such as witch house, industrial and even metal on their way to achieving their personal sonic revolution.

The creative force behind the project - Caitlin Mary Cunningham and Martin Pike from Melbourne, Australia - don’t shy away from drawing from a wide range of sounds in order to deliver the emotional impact of their message and you will hear rapped vocals with politically charged lyrics, discordant guitars carrying an aggressive attitude and bitcrushed techno sequences mixed seamlessly along the way.

“A Faith Called You” is the sophomore EP from the group, featuring 7 new tracks and carrying the weight of a full album’s worth of dangerous ideas and musical innovation. Coming 1 July 2016 on Blind Mice Productions.

01. Chaos
02. Push
03. Your Mind
04. Δ (Fire)
05. Sequel
06. The Prophecy
07. Safest Space II

Releasedate: 1 July 2016

Available now from from Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes.