Out now: Benjamin'sPlague - Elated

Dutch melancholic electro artist Benjamin’sPlague continues to make his beautifully twisted mark on the musical map with a massive new single: “Elated”. The title-track is a collaboration with elegant industrial group SHIV-R and sees the vocalists of both acts trading verses over a bed of harsh percussion and lush piano, leading the listener through an opiate-induced synthetic labyrinth. The single also includes the new song “Devour” that showcases composer Benjamin Schoones’ masterful use of melody over a club-friendly soundset, and rounds out the total of 5 tracks with remixes from Massive Ego, Simon Carter and Benjamin Schoones’ side-project Noire Antidote. 
Mixed and mastered by Blind Mice Productions, “Elated” is out now through all digital outlets.

1. Elated
2. Devour
3. Elated (Massive Ego remix)
4. Devour (Simon Carter remix)
5. Elated (Noire Antidote remix)

Out now at Bandcamp, Beatport and iTunes