Blind Mice Productions and DarkTunes Music Group

Hi all, Pete Crane here. There has been a development with our label as well as our band SHIV-R and you will see us collaborating closely with DarkTunes Music Group on some of our future releases. 

For a couple of years now we have been looking to solve a problem: how do we improve our marketing and extend our reach in new regions? While recognising the limitations on our own time as we put a lot of creative energy into composing for SHIV-R and making the most of our strength in production, we’ve been looking for the right relationship to help get the word about our music out there.

DarkTunes Music Group is a label based in Germany run by Raphael Beck, known for his projects Extize (industrial/EBM) and Basszilla (EDM/electro-house). They are another young label like us and we both agree that while Blind Mice Productions has a great group of artists with a unique yet cohesive sound, DarkTunes does an excellent job of marketing, driven by Raph’s experience in the industry and expertise in new media.

So what will this look like? For a start, the new SHIV-R album “Requiem for the Hyperreal” and single “Cheshire Grin” will be carried by DarkTunes Music Group for Europe, and by Blind Mice Productions for the rest of the world. We’ve decided to leave Infacted Recordings on very good terms in order to try this more independent, hands-on approach, and show that we can “put our money where our mouth is” by leading the charge with our own music to grow our own label.

We believe in this new approach, and it feels good to be pushing Blind Mice Productions and SHIV-R in new ways. Looking forward to the future and bringing you more awesome releases!